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Golf Estate staff structures the club management process while taking on some business processes such as sales and marketing.

Golf Estate adheres to the principles of the team work joining the efforts of Managing Company and the Golf Club.

Our experience and expertise allow for efficient project management in compliance with international standards, at the same time letting the owner to get a steady income out of their investments, to accumulate capital funds while being fully involved into the development of their main business.

The activity of the managing company is traceable through a manifold, precise and accessible report system.

We offer efficient solutions and support to golf clubs in terms of management, marketing, sales and human resources. Valuable expertise of our specialists, variety of services on offer, responsibility and custom-tailored approach guarantee successful client experience.
  • Launch of golf projects in commercial operation;
  • Management accounting system;
  • Tax and accounting control systems
  • Sales and marketing systems;
  • Motivation systems based on personal KPI;
  • Corporate competitive bidding system.
  • Build-up of management accounting system, budgeting, financial control;
  • Efficiency: Owner and management of the Client receive regular up-to-date information about financial results;
  • Short-term planning: short (up to 3 months ahead) and long (up to 3 years ahead) term planning enable the Owner to take strategic and tactical decisions;
  • Efficiency inspection for each entity;
  • Comparison of the financial ratio (eg., EBITDA) of the golf club with its Western counterparts;
  • Precise and transparent accounting procedure in compliance with Western USALI (Uniform System of Accounting in Lodging Industry) standard.

  • Accountancy relevant to the golf industry;
  • Introduction of the IT-software (1C Fitness Club) for the up-to-date administrative and financial accounting;
  • Stock-list and pricing development;
  • Direct communication between sales department and other entities enabling transparency and dispatch.